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Honey, the miracle of Nature

During the history of mankind, the golden miraculous source of nature, affacting many philosophers, poets and scientists by its unique taste, source, characteristic of giving health and having a more beautiful appearance than gold and also has taken place in holy bibles, honey.
The History Of Honey

Have you known that, a bee flies over 20.000.000 times and needs to collect 1 kg of nectar or secretion to get 150 gr honey, for which we are grateful bees, the most hardworking creature of nature really?
What Is Honey?

Being known as the oldest and the most prevalent antiseptic during whole history of mankind, have you known that honey is beneficial against respiration system ilness like as asthma, bronchitis or stomach ulcer, aphta and many more virutic diseases including cancer?
Benefits Of Honey

Flower Honey Pine Honey
Squeezing Honey Special Honeys

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